Cellar philosophy

Nature is also in demand behind the cellar door. After the harvest, the grapes are gently pressed and the musts – of course we only use estate grown fruits – are matured in the cellar. The climate in our cellar, with low temperatures as well as high humidity, offers ideal conditions for the production of excellent wines.


We take the terroir idea into account by relying on spontaneous, natural fermentation.
It gives the wine an individual and origin-specific note, increase the “mouthfeel” and the aging potential.
Due to the lower alcohol level, the wines correspond to the classic Moselle Riesling.

We vinify our Gran Cru / VDP.GROSSE LAGE wines “Badstube”, “Doctor”, “Graben” and “Lay” in classic Fuder barrels (traditional 1.000 L oak barrels), the youngest of which is more than 50 years old, because we do not go for wood notes. Fermentation in the oak barrel makes the wines softer, more balanced and more amenable for aging.


To ensure that the wines continue to develop after bottling, we close our VDP.GROSSE LAGE wines with corks. The bottles with VDP.GUTSWEIN und VDP.ORTSWEIN are closed with screw caps.

As few work steps as possible – from careful racking to careful filtering – offer our young wines the opportunity to develop the respective vintage and vinyard characteristics with their potential.

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