Our Wines

The specialty of our house—in addition to trocken (dry) and feinherb (off-dry)—are the fruity-sweet wines, marked by a hearty aroma, coupled with a balanced acidity and minerality that gives the wines their special character. They still taste fresh even after several years of bottle age, which we aim to achieve for a long, often decades-long development. All wines regularly exceed the prescribed minimum must weight for their respective predicate. The goal is to produce low-alcohol wines in order to present typical Mosel Riesling.

Our Thanisch line, the Estate Rieslings, comes mostly from our vineyards in Kues, which give mineral and fruity wines from their slate soil. The dry Riesling wines are enjoying growing demand, show an animated fruitiness, are lively, and possess lots of minerality. The Grosse Gewächs from the Doctor vineyard, the flagship among the dry wines, impresses with its complex structure. New in our portfolio is the Thanisch Brut, a sparkling wine from Bernkasteler Graben, which is finely beaded, fruity, and elegant.


Typcial Mosel Kabinett wines are not huge but, rather, elegant. They are made from healthy, ripe berries, which are picked at the beginning of the harvest. For Spätlese wines, we aim for a fresh and lively character, despite the abundance of aromas and complexity. They shine with their delicate nature, the fine fruit flavors, and a fascinating interplay between sweetness and acidity. The grapes for nobly sweet Auslese and Beerenauslese wines are selectively picked very late. They often show fine botrytis notes, which are due to the shriveled raisin-like grapes. The wines are concentrated, well structured, and noble. They are characterized by intense fruit flavors and great minerality.


Our rarities of fine wine from the best vintages of the past decades are in demand. These impress with their brilliance and freshness.

Our 1921 Berncasteler Doctor TBA wrote wine history.

It was the very first Trockenbeerenauslese on the Mosel. It got sensational prices at the auctions.



If you want to order wine, please ask for our wine list here.