Our label

The “Art Noveau” label is in use since 1901 – now more than 120 years old – and it has been registered as a trade mark with the German Patent Office in Munich.

It features the Estate mansion in the foreground, and Castle Landshut, the silhouette of Bernkastel, St. Michaels tower and the famous Berncasteler Doctor vineyard in the background.

After the sudden death of Dr. Hugo Thanisch in 1885, his wife Katharina, at the age of 30 and with 3 young children, took over the responsibility of the estate.

From then it was called Wwe. Dr. H. Thanisch (The widow of Dr. Hugo Thanisch).

Only on very special occasions we - from time to time - break with our tradition:
For the 385th anniversary of our winery and for particularly outstanding quality wines from the Berncasteler Doctor, we give wines a label that dates back to 1880 by Dr. Hugo Thanisch, the great-grandfather of the current winery owner. This also proves our tradition!

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