Terroir and vineyards

The map shows the results of an evaluation of the vineyards on the Moselle, Saar and Ruwer, which was published in 1868 by the Prussian tax authorities. It is one of the oldest official vineyard classifications in the world. It shows three classes, graduated in different red tones. The vineyards of the VDP.Thanisch winery are among those classified “dark red” as particularly valuable. They are: “Bernkasteler Badstube”, “Bernkasteler Graben”, “Bernkasteler Lay” and our “grand cru”-vineyard “Berncasteler Doctor”, which is reputed to be the most expensive vineyard in Germany.

All these vineyards are classified by the VDP as VDP.GROSSE LAGE.

Most of our vineyards have been owned by the family for generations and they are only planted with Riesling vines.
These vineyards are the basis for the characterful wines of our estate.

All of our vineyards in and around Bernkastel are steep slopes. With their slate soils, they deliver mineral-rich wines with diverse aromas and a stimulating interplay of sweetness and acidity. Their different expositions to the sun, their steepness and their special soils are the hallmarks of their terroir.

View of our vineyards, the “Bernkasteler Badstube”, the “Bernkasteler Graben”, the “Bernkasteler Lay” and the “Berncasteler Doctor”.

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