Vineyard philosophy

Terroir and sustainability are the principles by which we manage our vineyards.


Terroir means not only the soil structure of our vineyards, but also the restriction to the Riesling grape, the climatic conditions of our vineyards and the work of our team.

Sustainability has always been a hallmark of our history and tradition. Parcels of the Berncasteler Doctor have belonged to our family for 200 years or 7 generations, which is true for many of our other vineyards.

Careful use of natural resources is therefore a principle of our work, as every generation of our family wants to give the vineyards to the next generation in the very best conditions. That is why we consistently treat the vineyards with care and adhere to the specifications of integrated, environmentally friendly viticulture.

Optimal stand widths and targeted leaf cultivation ensure light and air and thus healthy grapes of high physical work. This includes – as required – the cutting out of unevenly ripened and surplus grapes.

The harvest date is determined exclusively by nature’s guidelines.

“The good into the pot, the bad into the crop”

We are guided by this old principle when we harvest uncompromisingly only by hand, selectively picking the optimally ripened grapes and thus high-quality, aroma-rich grapes.

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