Our wines

The specialty of our winery, apart from dry and off-dry wines, are (mainly) the fruity and noble sweet wines, characterised by a balanced bouquet, which, combined with a harmonious acidity and minerality, gives them their special character. As we strive for a long aging potential even after a number of years our wines still taste fresh.

Our Thanisch line, the VDP.Gutswein represent the basis at its best. These wines are for every day joyful consumption and come mainly from our vineyards in Kues, which – with their slate soil – deliver fruity wines with a lot of minerality. The Thanisch – VDP.Gutswein embodies the philosophy and signature of our family and our aim to develop wines with low alcohol levels and to present the typical Mosel Riesling.

Three Thanisch Gutsriesling wines are available: “Riesling trocken” (dry), “Riesling Kabinett” (off-dry) and “Riesling” (fruity).

Our Bernkastel-Kues Riesling “Alte Reben” is our VDP.Ortswein (village wine). It originates from high quality parcels with old vines (=Alte Reben). As old wines carry less grapes the wine is more concentrated, minerally, expresses terroir and have a dry balanced taste.


VDP.Grosse Lage (=Grand cru vineyard) is where our best wines grow – wines notable for their individual character and ability to express the essence of their vineyard of origin. Our VDP.Grosse Lage vineyards are:

Berncasteler Badstube, Bernkasteler Graben, Bernkasteler Lay and of course the famous Berncasteler Doctor.

The dry wines of a VDP.Grosse Lage are called VDP. Grosses Gewächs (or short GG). We produce two VDP.Grosses Gewächs, one from the Bernkasteler Graben and one from the Berncasteler Doctor. They are the flagships among the dry wines, with their complex structure are lively with high minerality and have a balanced interplay of fruit and acidity.

The VDP.Grosse Lage (Grand cru) wines we produce are:

“Bernkasteler Badstube”: Kabinett feinherb (off-dry), Kabinett, Spätlese and Auslese;                                

“Bernkasteler Lay”: Spätlese “Cuvee Christina”;

“Bernkasteler Graben”: GG

“Berncasteler Doctor”: GG, Kabinett, Spätlese, Auslese and higher quality levels Beerenauslese, Trockenbeerenauslese and Eiswein



Established in our range is the Thanisch Brut, a sparkling wine from the Bernkasteler Graben, finely sparkling, fruity and elegant.



There is a great demand for our rarities, noble wines from the best vintages of the past decades, which impress with their brilliance and freshness.

Our 1921 Berncasteler Doctor TBA wrote wine history

It was the first Trockenbeerenauslese of the Mosel wine-growing region. It achieved sensational results at auctions.