Our traditional label


Etiketten-2 Our traditional label is not quite as old as the history of the estate but is the trademark of our property. It is more than 110 years old and was protected by the patent office in 1901.

It shows in the foreground our manor house, Villa Thanisch, entwined with vine leaves. Across the Mosel River, on the right side of the label, is Landshut Castle and, on the left, Bernkastel with the tower of St. Michael and directly behind the famous Doctor vineyard.

Etiketten-1 Today’s label has only subtle differences from the original. The VDP logo was also added. 

Wwe. Dr. Thanisch is named after Katharina Thanisch, the widow of Dr. Hugo Thanisch. Otherwise, everything remained the same.

Etiketten-3 We are simply traditionalists!
Only on one occasion did we deviate from our traditional label:
For the 375th anniversary of our wine estate, we used an 1880 label from Dr. Hugo Thanisch for a Fuder of 2011 Berncasteler Doctor Spätlese. This also shows our tradition!

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